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Rental Type Format Number Days Price
New Releases DVD & BluRay 1 or 2 $4.42
Recent Release DVD & BluRay 3 $4.42
Weekly Rentals All Formats 7 $2.99
$ 1.99 Marked All Formats Various $1.99
  • Rentals are due back by 6:00pm.
  • New Release DVD's and Blu-Ray's are 1 Day rentals except on Saturday and Tuesday, where they become 2 day rentals.

Rental Types

  • New Releases
    Newly released movies updated every week.

  • Recent Releases
    After a number of weeks New Release movies become our 3 Night Rentals.
    ( Look for the pink sticker on the cover. )
    See our deals for rent 3 for $10.00

  • Weekly Rentals
    We carry a large quantity of weekly rentals in a variety of different genres including Comedy, Drama, Action, Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Documentary, Family and Acadamy Award Winners.

Deals and Special Pricing

  • Rent 2 Recent Releases and get the 3rd free

  • Return a movie rental at least 1 day early and rent another for half price. Only valid for movies of same type and only if rented on day of return.

  • 7 Pack of Weekly Rental for $14.00 tax included