Barrie's largest video store since 1986. Family owned and operated.

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About Us

Created November 1st, 1982 the Bandito Video chain quickly grow in the mid 80's into being one of the largest video super stores in southern Ontario. Each store was privately own and operated by local owners. On December 6th, 1986 Bandito Video - Barrie opened it's doors in the Wellington Plaza. In July of 2000 the corporate office of Bandito Video Ltd closed when it's founder dead suddenly of a heart attack. At this point all franchise stores became independed video stores. Over the years since July of 2000, all other Bandito Video stores have either closed or changed there names. The Barrie and Angus, Bandito Video stores are the only two remaining stores. The key to our 25 years of success is to give our customers the best selection, price and customer service of any video store.

We are not just any video store, in our 10,000 square feet store we boast one of the largest in store collections of videos, music and games. We pride ourselves in having over 30,000 titles and over 90,000 volumes for rent. Local libraries, schools and other video stores are always referring customers to our store because "if we do not have it, no one does!".

In addition to our in store rental and re-sales stock, we pride our selves in being able to order almost any title that is currently available. We may even be able to locate copies of old out of production videos. You name it and if it's available we can get it.

We are always interested in how we can improve our products and service for you. If you have any suggestions please e-mail